Transmission Line Packaging

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DIS-TRAN’s transmission line packaging is top of the line service.

It was a completely new type of project for us: in addition to a standard substation construction project, the customer was rebuilding a 5- to a 10-mile length of transmission lines in rural New England. We agreed to procure and package all materials for each power line pole along that stretch.

We packed all the necessary materials and components into a single big crate for each transmission pole, which enabled us to transport and deposit each crate exactly where the pole or tower would be erected.

This approach spared the field crews from having to make back-and-forth trips to gather the equipment themselves and drive everything out to the construction sites, some of which were extremely remote in mountainous and rural terrain. Then, once on site, field crews could quickly raise each pole, connect it to the system, and move on right away to the next site.

Our exhaustive QC process also helped reduce overall error in the materials by catching and correcting any discrepancies between what was ordered, what was needed, and what was included before shipment.

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