Lakeside II Substation

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DIS-TRAN rises to the challenge, so our customer (a contractor) can fly high.

In this 345kV station project, DIS-TRAN worked hard to make our customer (a billion-dollar engineering contractor) look good to their customer (a major utility that kept rolling out challenging design changes).

In addition to our standard scope of work (the steel structures and everything that attaches to them), this project also required engineering and design work on overhead transmission lines connecting the substation to a nearby steel mill. That created a looming obstacle: how to deliver enormous 120-foot transmission poles cross-country, timed for delivery in-step with the end-user's construction schedule, with a rising tide of design changes flying our way. Oh, and we had to get everything in place before the end of a scheduled outage.

DIS-TRAN rose to the occasion. We carefully connected and coordinated all of the teams, vendors and schedules for a seamless workflow. The high point? Our organization and efficiency made our customer shine in front of theirs.

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