PFB & Packaging

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DIS-TRAN’s efficiency was so striking, it set new protocols for both our and the customer’s projects.

Large projects can mean a lot of field welding, adding time and expense to already strained budgets and schedules. For example, if this huge 230/34.5kV project had required full welding out in the field, it might have taken upwards of a month to complete that part of the project.

That’s exactly the situation DIS-TRAN’s pre-fabricated bus (PFB) is designed to alleviate. Even with a sectional approach to installation (where the client moved back-and-forth between project pieces, instead of installing the PFB all at once), we were still able to cut that welding time at least in half.

We further streamlined the project with our approach to packaging for this customer.

Specifically, instead of layering jumpers and other materials on top of each other in huge crates, we stood them up vertically, tagged them, and separated them into partitions. We then divided components into dedicated crates for each transformer. That way, the clients could:

  1. Place each crate exactly where it would be used,
  2. Verify at a glance that all materials were present, and
  3. Pull out exactly what they needed, when they needed it.  

In fact, this project was so successfully efficient, it set new standards in practices both at DIS-TRAN and with the customer. We have since adapted this approach to packaging materials for all projects, and the client was so pleased with the PFB, we now quote our PFB product on all their projects.

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