Orrington Substation

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Building a lattice-type tower on the double!

Our customer, a public utility based in the Northeast, wanted to build a new 115kV add-on to an existing 345kv substation. This project meant duplicating some of the existing structures right next to where the existing steel was standing; the biggest challenge was perfectly replicating an entire lattice-type tower.

It was a complex build, as the lattices supported an extensive array of equipment, from disconnect switches to instrument transformers. DIS-TRAN’s engineers gave the project extra care and time to ensure the new tower would both perfectly match the aesthetics of the existing one and also meet the new specs and functionality requirements.

With a high-quality design in place, DIS-TRAN was able to deliver the project and meet the customer’s scheduling requirements. In fact, we did so even after running into a hiccup (a shipment of mis-fabricated steel, which we got re-delivered within a week)!

The client was so pleased they sent us some homemade jelly and three more substations projects just like Orrington!

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