Keene Road Substation

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The DIS-TRAN PFB enables substations projects to weather temperamental conditions.

Weather always has an enormous impact on substation construction: as difficulties and added expenses deluge laborers, and safety and scheduling issues turn stormy, environmental conditions can leave projects out in the cold.

And winter weather is among the most temperamental. That’s why DIS-TRAN is always developing better ways to mitigate the impact of outside factors, as with our pre-fabricated bus. The DIS-TRAN PFB is a complete bus assembly whose final installation requires little-to-no field welding.

On this project, we provided a 345kV PFB for a substation serving as an interconnect between a wind energy project and a transmission system.

And we installed it effortlessly, even in the middle of a blustery winter.It arrived on site factory-assembled, ready to simply be dropped into place.

Exactly the reason we invented the PFB.

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