Copper Ridge Factory-Built Substation

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DIS-TRAN made quick work of our largest ever (to date) factory-built substation.

The power of a DIS-TRAN factory-built substation is time: by speedily assembling a complete system in a factory setting, we can drive down total installed costs and massively reduce on-site work time and expense.

Such was the case with our biggest factory-built station to date. We were able to build a 40-foot-long, 18-foot-wide, 18,000-pound 12kV substation inside DIS-TRAN’s project support service center … in just 3 weeks!

Then, upon arrival onsite in a single piece, the equipment took just 30 minutes to unload and bolt into place.

The result was a station that was easily energized “on schedule and under budget,” according to the customer, who also reported that they “saw a huge decrease in labor hours to finish that part of the station.

”The whole DIS-TRAN part of the installation was completed within a week of delivery.

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