Field Welding

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DIS-TRAN’s certified welders are equally at home in our shop and in the field.

DIS-TRAN’s pre-fabricated bus (PFB) can significantly reduce necessary field welds because most of the welding happens during fabrication before the PFB even arrives on site. That, in turn, yields shorter lead times, reduced expenses, and safer projects.

However, even the PFB rarely eliminates all field welding. For example, some structures may be too big to ship completely welded, as happened on this 138kV substation. Here, we handled most of the welding in our assembly facility but still had 56 welds left to be completed in the field.

Although the customer had welders on staff, none felt comfortable working with aluminum. Thankfully, DIS-TRAN’s staff of welders, including our shop manager, are seasoned and certified workers who excel equally both in the shop and in the field.

Levi Deleon, DIS-TRAN Project Manager, explains, “We try to eliminate field welding for the customer as much as possible. When paired with the PFB, DIS-TRAN has the right people to provide that service and do it very well and very efficiently.”

In fact, schedule-wise, if DIS-TRAN follows the PFB with our own field welding service, we can ensure work is completed immediately after delivery of the PFB. That yields significant scheduling efficiencies – which, in turn, make the service more cost advantageous.

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