East Fishkill Substation

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We cut nearly 50% from project time to meet an “impossible” schedule.

This customer hired DIS-TRAN to tie two yards together with a new line, with the project scope including a breaker, some bus supports and a new switch. Pretty easy, right? Not so fast: the job came with a couple of serious provisos:

  • The customer was working on an incredibly accelerated (other companies might say “impossible”) schedule.
  • The line boasted an unusually high fault current of 63kA, mandating special requirements in supporting the bus bar.

This was a difficult job, no doubt, but we were able to hit the ground running. We pushed some vendors, worked some extra hours, and poured some creativity into solving the engineering challenges. For example, DIS-TRAN’s substation engineers developed a unique double “inverted V” insulator design, pictured above, to account for the fault current loadings. With this design, we could furnish readily available insulators manufactured domestically as opposed to waiting on custom-designed, special insulators manufactured overseas. That cut project lead time right away.

The result: DIS-TRAN pulled the project together in 12 weeks instead of the normal 20. And that’s with no shortcuts, per specs, per code.

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