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Why You Should Be Using Pre-fabricated Solutions

DIS-TRAN's signature product line of factory-built substations significantly reduces on-site construction time and expense. A controlled environment offers more tools and options to perform work more precisely, at lower cost, faster, without the complications of multiple vendors and field delays.

Energetic Substation Design & Project Management

Skilled at dealing with multiple resource constraints, conflicting details and impossible schedules - and still making the project work - DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations is the perfect partner when you know what you want but could use an expert hand to pull it all together.

Better yet, our core services conform to your most critical needs.

Whether you need only procurement and equipment marshaling, or could use expert substation engineering to complement your own efforts; whether you're a global corporation planning a major multimillion dollar installation or a local utility building a 5kV station; DIS-TRAN has the experience and expertise to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

Non-stop services means peak performance

We engage your project by working as an extension of your own design, engineering and procurement staff. At DIS-TRAN, we emphasize a collaborative approach that's conducive to completing your project your way, according to your standards. At each phase from development through close-out, we deliver innovative designs, efficient material logistics and profitable partnering strategies.

The DIS-TRANTM Promise

We assume total responsibility for meeting customer requirements for one firm, lump-sum price. Regardless of size, scope or complexity, when your project arrives on site, you can be confident you have everything you need to complete your most critical and difficult projects, the right way (your way), the first time (on time).

What They're Saying

  • What People Are Saying About DIS-TRAN

    "You can't beat DIS-TRAN. You have it all. You have the prices. You have the lead times. I commend you guys as a packager and as a whole."

  • What People Are Saying About DIS-TRAN

    "Working with DIS-TRAN was seamless, and our people were able to communicate well. Together, we were a well-oiled machine!"

  • What People Are Saying About DIS-TRAN

    "Before, it would take us 6 or 7 months to build a substation. Now we are building a substation in less than half the time."

  • What People Are Saying About DIS-TRAN

    "DIS-TRAN's drawings are so detailed. It's even helped us identify places in our own design that we can improve."