Poker Lake Substation

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Miles into the middle of nowhere, DIS-TRAN makes a first-class first-impression…and potentially saves our client eight figures annually.

Home to a scant 27,000 people – fewer people than would fit into a football stadium – Carlsbad, NM is surrounded by miles and miles of empty, remote land. It’s the perfect region for a drilling operation run by our customer (part of the Bass Oil Group), but the area’s aging transmission lines required them to power the operation with inefficient and expensive diesel engines. They realized they could unearth significant savings by building an on-site, 115kV/12.47kV outdoor steel substation (and updating the local transmission lines in the process).

They were right: we estimate that for every $1 spent on building the substation, they saved $3 to $6 in annual energy, operations, maintenance and fuel costs over the previous installation.

They asked for the full-service experience from DIS-TRAN, so under our EPC arrangement, we coordinated all aspects of the substation design and construction, including overseeing and liaising between the electrical contractor; DIS-TRAN’s own engineering, procurement and billing teams; and our customer's staff and stakeholders. We even deployed advanced services to ensure the client and contractors faced few-to-no issues during construction and installation. For example, our on-site inventory services team personally delivered secure Connex containers with all project materials and then tallied and measured all equipment and supplies against project needs.

In short, we delivered end-to-end, top-to-bottom, first-class service that saw the substation energized on time and completed with such rigorous adherence to the intricate design that the staff in Ft. Worth, TX can monitor station performance down to individual relays.

The customer was so pleased they brought us their next project without seeking even a single outside bid!

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