Rosamund Substation

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Three or four weeks to install? Try 4 days.

DIS-TRAN gave this customer two options for their substation project: pre-assembled skid-mounted or traditional "stick-built."

They went with skids. DIS-TRAN fully marshaled the project (with the steel built just across the street by our sister company, DIS-TRAN Steel), so we gathered all materials in our warehouse and assembled the equipment there, then mounted everything onto the skids for shipping.

The subsequent 1,700-mile cross-country journey to the job-site was a breeze. Our engineering and logistics teams worked hand-in-glove from day one to ensure the assembled equipment could ultimately go on the truck safely, with no permits or re-routing required. (That saved half the typical cost and time of shipping right there.) Then, once the equipment arrived on site, all they had to do was grab it with cranes, set in place and bolt down.

An installation that would have taken three to four weeks with a traditional approach took just four days with DIS-TRAN's.

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