Erath Substation

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We designed a storm-hardening solution that blows the others out of the water.

Storm surge and flooding are major concerns that all coastal utilities must weather. According to our own local utility (Entergy), the Gulf Coast alone is facing cumulative damages of $350B over the next 20 years from hurricanes and severe storms.

In the aftermath of devastation from Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, Gustav and Rita, one customer wanted to insulate their substation against further flood damage.

DIS-TRAN innovated a brand new solution: in-place elevation. We elevated the flood-sensitive equipment of an existing 115-24.5kV outdoor open-air substation, including:

  • Four 115kV circuit switcher electronic control cabinets
  • Two 33MVA 115-25kV power transformers
  • Two 25kV distribution substation structures with associated circuit breakers
  • One control building

We lifted the equipment to 13 feet above mean sea level, and we did so with:

  • No change in power station performance or system reliability permitted
  • No appreciable change in operational and maintenance practices permitted
  • No service disruption throughout the life of the project permitted
  • No increase in construction safety risk permitted
  • No budget overages
  • No schedule delays

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