Marigold Substation

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We collapsed installation to just days with a tactic worth its weight in gold.

Our customer – a gold mine in northern Nevada – had upgraded its enormous power shovel and thus needed to update its 115/24.9kV substation. But with the remote site located deep in the Nevada desert, two hours from the nearest urban center, it was key to keep on-site construction to a bare minimum. By shipping pre-assembled, skid-mounted equipment, DIS-TRAN reduced installation time to days.

The client asked DIS-TRAN to produce the nine requested low-side distribution bays as assembled as possible at delivery. DIS-TRAN’s engineers mined their deep expertise and found a solution: dividing the equipment into three different sections, three bays apiece, and mounting each section onto skids for easy transport and installation. The skid-mounted assemblies were kept slim to slide onto standard trucks, split into top-and-bottom halves to undercut height restrictions, and still managed to meet performance specs perfectly.

The trucks arrived on-site Monday morning, and by noon on Tuesday, we had the complete low-side distribution section (all nine bays) sitting in place on their foundations. According to our customers – both the mine’s owner and their engineering firm – DIS-TRAN struck gold. We’ve since gone on to do more work for the same contacts from both companies.

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