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The DIS-TRAN Difference

DIS-TRAN celebrates 5 years accident free!

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 12:36pm

“The safety of the people shall be the highest law." – Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman philosopher 

Right on the heels of winning a perfect safety award from the National Safety Council, DIS-TRAN has hit another safety milestone: five years with no reportable accidents.

That equates to 1,915 days and over 700,000 working hours without having a recordable accident or incident resulting in lost time.

Tom Malo, DIS-TRAN’s Quality Assurance Manager, credits the rigorous commitment to safety from DIS-TRAN employees. “I can’t express enough that it’s our people who make this happen. If it wasn’t for the efforts of our people out in the shop and on the floor, and their safety-minded focus, this kind of achievement wouldn’t be possible.”

In fact, DIS-TRAN’s culture of safety is built on employee participation. That means DIS-TRAN’s team does more than just follow safe practices and attend occasionally required training sessions; they participate throughout the process of developing, implementing, and auditing safety policies and practices. “The whole team is fully involved,” Tom says.

The team discusses safety every day, with additional in-depth safety meetings twice a week that cover a range of topics, everything from forklift safety to hydration and breaks to best practices for working in confined spaces. The team also participates in safety audits, providing input and feedback and learning to recognize hazards.

DIS-TRAN’s facilities can help too. The Project Support Center, for example, provides an environment for marshalling equipment and fabricating equipment that is free of many of the hazards (especially inclement weather) that can otherwise affect substation-related work.

Ultimately, DIS-TRAN’s safety accomplishments reflect a deeper commitment by the company and its people to the quality of their work. It’s not all that different to reach five years without a reportable accident than it is to provide high-quality shipping, manufacturing, and engineering services. “Having a good safety culture ties into having a good quality company culture,” says Tom. “A standout safety history speaks to our team’s dedication to excellence overall.”

To commemorate this five-year milestone, DIS-TRAN celebrated in perfect Louisiana style by hosting a giant crawfish boil for the people who are responsible for our safety accomplishments to share in companionship and 300 lbs. of crawfish!



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