What Is A Factory-Built Substation?

Call it pre-fabricated, or factory-built. Either way, when you apply those terms to an electrical substation, there is typically some eyebrows raised along with some skepticism. However, at DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations “factory-built, pre-assembled substations” is not just an expression. It is a reality and is changing the industry standard. We decided on the term, “Factory-Built” because it’s not built at the job site, we actually build it in our factory, here at our shop.

What makes Factory-Built Substations (FBS) feasible is DIS-TRAN’s use of 3D modeling. The creation of these 3D models also allows DIS-TRAN’s customers to see their projects ahead of time and gives them a better understanding of how, once shipped, the substation will be bolted in place in just a matter of a few days, or possibly hours.