Jonathan Oray - Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Pineville, LA: To better meet the needs of our customers and the electric powerdelivery industry,
DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations (DTPS) has added a Regional Sales Manager (RSM) to its BusinessDevelopment team.

Jonathan Oray is now  leading the network of outside sales reps in the Midwest region as our newest  RSM. Jonathan has been a part of the Crest Companies sales team for 3 years, serving as the Sales Manager for DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions. He has a proven  track record of matching customers with smart solutions to unique challenges. Jonathan will be instrumental in educating the industry about DTPS’  innovative product line of Factory-Built Substations and Pre-Fabricated Bus. Jonathan  lives in Louisiana with his wife Dr. Lauren Oray and their two children Annabelle (4) and Marc (2). He will be working out of our headquarters in Pineville, LA.

Jonathan is taking over the Midwest Region from John Halle. John was appointed DTPS Director of Business Development in August of 2019 and has continued to work with customers in the Midwest region as the Interim RSM. His knowledge and 18years of sales experience has made him a go-to leader within the DTPS team. In his new role, John strategizes new business opportunities and supervises all ofthe DTPS’ Regional Sales Managers.

DTPS' Business Development Team has an additional 4 Regional Sales Managers to cover the Southeast, Northeast, Great Lakes, and Western/Rocky Mountain Regions. Dan Rice is the Southeast RSM and Brandon Davis is the Great Lakes RSM. Drew Shufelt is the Northeast RSM. Drew works out of our office in Massachusetts. Del Maccio is the Western/Rocky Mountain RSM. Del works out of our office in California. To see a map with all of our Regional Sales Managers and network of Outside Sales Representatives go to our CONTACT page.

John Halle

Director of Business Development


(318)  767-5674

Dan Rice

Southeast RSM


(318) 427-9301

Drew Shufelt

Northeast RSM


(318) 229-8601

Brandon Davis

Great Lakes RSM


(318) 625-8811

Del Maccio

Mountain/West RSM


(949) 434-7171