Congratulations to our own Tom Malo for winning American Welding Society Award

“The secret to winning is constant, consistent management.” – Tom Landry, businessman and owner of the Dallas Cowboys

DIS-TRAN congratulates our Quality Assurance and Safety Manager Tom Malo, AWS, CWI, CWE, on his recent win of the prestigious American Welding Society (AWS) District Directors Award.

The American Welding Society is an international organization that sets standards for the welding industry that are used throughout the U.S. and internationally in construction projects ranging from bridges to buildings to substations. Its membership is divided into districts throughout the nation. “I am currently the chairman of the Central Louisiana section for the AWS,” says Tom. He estimates the central Louisiana chapter has just under 400 members.

Each year, the AWS awards 15 District Director Awards to AWS members who go above and beyond to promote the science, skills and art of welding on behalf of the American Welding Society, all done on a volunteer effort. Tom has been an AWS member for 33 years and a Certified Welding Inspector for 27 years.

Tom has certainly been active in his role as chairman of the local AWS chapter. “We have monthly meetings, organize guest speakers to talk about the business aspects of welding, visit businesses to talk about welding in their companies, and we do a lot of educational activities with regional high schools.”

Education is a key priority of Tom’s. “Our section bought a virtual welding machine, and we take this computer with us to visit high schools and businesses. You put on a welding hood, and it immerses you into a virtual world of welding. It can put you in a hot rod shop, an army base in the desert, all kinds of environments; and it simulates welding. It’s been a pretty big hit.”

On average, the local AWS chapter, under Tom’s leadership, visits about a dozen businesses and schools during the year. For example, they are attending an upcoming show that will showcase different careers to thousands of middle school kids. Tom will be there with virtual welding machine in tow. Additionally, they’ll speak upon request at different career days, and the chapter provides scholarships and fundraising for students pursuing further education in welding. They also sit on the advisory board for the Louisiana technical college system, acting as industry experts and advisors to make sure their programs reflect the current welding needs of today’s marketplace.

All of that keeps Tom busy, and DIS-TRAN is proud to support Tom’s role and participation in the AWS. We also sponsor some of the activities his chapter undertakes, such as a recent welding competition for all high schools in central Louisiana. Tom’s involvement the AWS strengthens DIS-TRAN’s own work by having an employee who is updated on the technology, processes and resources that can help keep our weld quality at very high levels. After all, it is under his leadership that our weld defect rate has fallen to an astounding 0.043% at current numbers and that DIS-TRAN has won a National Safety Council Award for a perfect safety record. Congratulations, Tom!