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3D Modeling

3D Substation Modeling

Adding New Dimensions of Accuracy to Design

As a result, 3D engineering can collapse weeks into days in design time and open up new avenues of efficient substation construction. 3D substation models start with the same information used in 2D AutoCAD drawings, then add volumetric and connective data by joining the faces, edges and points of flat surfaces together. The result is a complete representation of a three-dimensional object or structure that is an order of magnitude more accurate and actionable than 2D drawings.

The design process becomes increasingly reliable because it is less prone to human error while offering an improved ability for users to perform integrity checks.

3D substation modeling - 3D substation designers

  • Interpret and analyze under real-world conditions
  • Perform finite element and motion analyses, as needed
  • Create exploded views with additional detail
  • Update with changes automatically by adjusting any measurement
  • Complete secondary calculations instantly

3D substation models can be used in novel and incredible ways.

3D modeling technologies and platforms incorporate the ability to analyze the impact of environmental and physical forces acting upon the structure (like cable sag or electrical clearances) at a click. Foundational questions like "Will it fit? Will it work as designed?" become nearly trivial to answer, allowing us to focus more energy on improving overall design.

Indeed, the power of 3D substation modeling has opened the door for DIS-TRAN™ to engineer novel solutions to long-standing problems. With the additional detail incorporated into the substation models - including automatic bills of material and automated bus pipe cutting and bolt hardware schedules - vendors and fabricators can prepare components and build structures precisely to specification, faster and easier.

Just read about the amazing DIS-TRAN PFB to understand the power that 3D enables.

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