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How can we invest our innovation in you?

The real-world environment in which our customers must operate is a challenging one, with rising costs, intensifying competition, and unrelenting risks at every turn. That's why we work so hard to break down the challenges and constraints afflicting our customers; our engineering is not just about answering technical questions but about creating new opportunities for success and performance. We are always working to help our customers.

Collapse Time

Time is your most valuable commodity, and we found a way to multiply it for you.

We created an entirely new approach to substation projects, the Packaged Substation Procurement Model, that has freed 50% of our customer engineers' hours to focus on high-value tasks, while shortening substation construction times by 33%, enabling one investor-owned utility to grow at dramatic rates.


Reduce Work

Greater productivity - more results with less effort - is the holy grail for any substation project, and that's exactly what we've engineered.

The DIS-TRAN pre-fabricated, factory-assembled high-voltage bus conductor is the perfect example of DIS-TRAN innovation at its finest: we invented a way to completely manufacture and fabricate a complete bus assembly to meet the objective of no field welding, which can literally collapse months' worth of field work into just days.


Eliminate Risk

What if you could eliminate the risks posed by factors beyond your control? We are constantly inventing new ways to do just that.

Consider weather: severe storms and their subsequent flooding are merciless risks for coastal utilities. So we created the elevated substation, a way to raise substations in-place out of reach of flood waters without interrupting power service during construction.


What is the challenging facing you? We look forward to partnering with you to solve your most pressing problems and breaking down the barriers to your future success.

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Our Business Value

Our service may be substations and T&D assets; but our business is value, and we deliver. We cut construction times by 33% for one customer, freed 50% of a customer's engineering hours for another, built and air lifted a bus assembly into Iraq in a mere 30 days for a third.

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Whether you are looking for a custom design or a more efficient way to build your standard station, DIS-TRAN can help you get your next project completed.

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