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Project Support Services

Project Support Services For Substation Equipment And Components:

From substation procurement & equipment marshaling to field installation support & substation storage

Getting the right equipment to the right people just in time: That's the right way to handle complex projects, but difficult substation projects have a way of derailing even the most practical of project procedures. The degree of fine-tuned control required for a smooth and seamless experience demands serious expert and precision planning and coordination, and that is exactly what DIS-TRAN delivers through our project support services.

We can help you complete projects faster and more efficiently, and with greater confidence in the quality of the materials, workmanship and final outcomes. Let DIS-TRAN shoulder your project burdens from substation procurement to storage, we've got you covered!

The best project support produces the greatest outcomes!


Substation Equipment Marshaling

substation equipment marshaling - substation components - substation

Excellent marshaling keeps your substation project moving forward flawlessly.

DIS-TRAN offers both full and partial marshaling of equipment, where specified equipment and substation components can be shipped directly from the manufacturer's facility, or they can go through the DIS-TRAN warehouse facility to streamline project execution and ensure quality control checks.


Onsite Material Check-In & Staging

DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations - Onsite Material Check-in and Staging

Material delivery, receipt and distribution without workflow interruption.

DIS-TRAN works to prevent the gaps and hiccups that can cause projects to slow or even grind to a halt. By aligning materials, equipment and services, we can control variables (to reduce risk), create flexibility (to protect against contingencies) and enable continuous forward momentum on your project (to maintain schedules).


Field Installation Support

DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations - Field Installation Support

Seasoned and experienced staff improves efficiency in the field.

We dedicate resources to increase construction capacity and improve overall efficiency in the field. From scheduling and change orders to expediting and material management, our field installation support works hand-in-glove with DIS-TRAN's other teams to enable our customers to improve the efficiency, speed and quality of field installations.


Secure Project Storage

DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations - Shipping Containers

Carry your own mini warehouse with you, dedicated to the job.

Using secure, high quality Connex containers, project materials and equipment are delivered to the job site fully inventoried, organized and ready for immediate, on-site use. All you have to do is walk over the container and get what you need: everything is already cataloged, indexed and numbered.


Project Storage

DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations - Project Storage

Our project storage model helps the customer to drive down total installed costs.

Our warehouse is a high-efficiency project assembly facility where all of the project pieces can come together for faster acquisition and fabrication, thorough quality checks, trustworthy storage, and perfectly-timed distribution. As a result, we deliver factory-built assemblies and products to the customer faster, better and cheaper than they can do on their own.


Our Business Value

Our service may be substations and T&D assets; but our business is value, and we deliver. We cut construction times by 33% for one customer, freed 50% of a customer's engineering hours for another, built and air lifted a bus assembly into Iraq in a mere 30 days for a third.

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