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Warehousing & Fabrication

Custom Substation Fabrication & Warehousing

Powerhouse custom substation fabrication capabilities integrate seamlessly with our warehouse, procurement and project management groups.

Our warehouse is where all the pieces come together: from acquisition and fabrication to storage and preliminary staging, a tight, integrated and highly efficient process drives down total installed costs both in the factory and in the field. Our customers love our project delivery model because it combines cost savings, security, efficiency and reliability in equal measure.

substation warehousing - custom substation fabrication

Our substation project storage model helps the customer to drive down total installed costs.

Our warehouse is a high-efficiency project assembly facility where all of the project pieces can come together for faster acquisition and fabrication, thorough quality checks, trustworthy storage, and perfectly-timed distribution. As a result, we deliver factory-built assemblies and products to the customer faster, better and cheaper than they can do on their own.

DIS-TRAN'sTM Promise

By intensely managing the minute details, DIS-TRAN ensures that all products - and their interface points - come together for a seamlessly coordinated project.

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The DIS-TRAN PFB will transform the way you think about bus assemblies.

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