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Traditional Packages

Traditional Packaged Substations

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Consider for a moment: what project model characteristics successfully and reliably result in optimal outcomes in substation construction or expansion projects, time after time? We have spent five decades and thousands of substation and T&D; projects focused on that question. Our Traditional Package Substations are the answer.

Best applied to projects or portions of projects within the substation fence, our Traditional Package meshes product and equipment supply with the related design and procurement services to maximize both efficiency and value delivered. Because while DIS-TRAN works on substations and T&D; assets, our true business is creating value.

  • Free your people from project management, so you can focus internal resources on higher ROI initiatives
  • Reduce engineering and total installed costs, so your bottom-line can benefit directly

Your Substation Project is Our Tradition!


The key deliverable: your substation project done your way as though you had done it yourself.  We adopt the customer's standards, practices, and applications. The Traditional Package is a packaged substation furnished by DIS-TRAN typically includes all of the detailed design work, shop drawing preparation, manufacturing, procurement, and logistical coordination required for a complete, functional, open-air, high-voltage system.

Customer service always comes first at DIS-TRAN, where our most common feedback is praise for our project management staff.  Our clients tell us, "DIS-TRAN responds, DIS-TRAN takes care of things immediately." Project management isn't about equipment manifests or meeting agendas; it's about making sure you and your people are successfully reaping the benefits of working with us.

DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations - Your substation project is our tradition

Better and better

Overall, our Traditional Package expressly favors the customer by reducing (1) your effort required to complete projects on time and on budget and (2) the uncertainty and risk associated with managing complex projects containing numerous critical path actions.  We are always listening to our customers, always improving.

In the end, the real question is: in what ways will hiring DIS-TRAN as your substation packagers add value to your project?


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In Their Words

"Before, it would take us 6 or 7 months to build a substation. Now we are building a substation in less than half that time."
Investor-Owned Utility

Case In Point

Facing rapidly rising demand, one customer needed to expand their ability to grow. The flexibility of the DIS-TRAN Traditional Package increased their construction capacity by over 33% to 5-7 substations a year.