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Transform Bus Conductor Fabrication,
Amplify Advantages

The DIS-TRAN PFB™ (pre-fabricated bus-bar) will transform the way you think about bus assemblies. We can pre-build an entire bus assembly whose final installation requires little-to-no field welding; after all, if you don't cut or weld steel out in the field, why should you with the bus? Our innovative new approach to high-voltage aluminum bus conductor production collapses cost, schedules and risks alike.

By coupling cutting-edge, three-dimensional modeling techniques with efficient fabrication in a controlled factory setting, the DIS-TRAN PFB™ instantly transforms one of the most complex segments of substation construction into a simplified process that simply snaps into place, yielding numerous practical benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Reduced or eliminated field welding
  • Compressed scheduling and faster construction completion times
  • Improved equipment reliability and durability
  • Best-in-class, un-compromised materials and construction techniques
  • Assembly production in controlled, consistent and repeatable conditions
  • Superior fault tolerances
  • Superior design choices that (1) protect against corrosion, oxidation and fretting and (2) extend equipment lifespan
  • Lower lifetime ownership costs
  • Exceptional performance and ampacity ratings

DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations - Shifting risk away from the substation with DIS-TRAN's pre=fabricated busbar systems

Shifting risk away from the substation with DIS-TRAN's pre-fabricated busbar systems.

The DIS-TRAN PFB shifts high-risk construction activity - including unpredictable environmental circumstances like inclement weather, human error driven by difficult and adverse work conditions, and safety concerns associated with energized and elevated equipment - to a factory setting with controlled quality, safety and environmental conditions. This shift, in turn, both reduces design, construction and repair times and eliminates many of serious issues that plague electrical contractors:

  • Weather delays
  • OSHA safety and work regulations
  • Union demands
  • Rising labor costs
  • Safety risks
  • Quality inconsistencies
  • Compromises in material and construction techniques (e.g., bolted instead of welded connections)

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