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Factory-Built Substations

Factory-Built Substations

Shift Construction Off-Site & Electrify Results

DIS-TRAN's signature product line of factory-built substations significantly reduces on-site construction time and expense. We can assemble a complete, custom, open-air, high-voltage system that can meet any intended usage requirements or working environments (even utilizing customer-specified or furnished equipment), all in a factory setting that controls costs and schedules better than field conditions ever could.

A controlled environment offers more tools and options to perform work more precisely, at lower cost, faster, without the complications of multiple vendors and field delays.

custom built & factory built substations: prefabricated substations
  • Drive down total installed costs in factory and field. By tying custom-fabrication capabilities directly into our other services, DIS-TRAN can create and deliver custom factory-built assemblies faster, better and at lower cost.

  • Reduce on-site work time and expense A factory-built substation reduces foundations and below-grade trench, conduit, and grounding in number and size, simplifying and shortening time spent in the field.

  • Eliminate contingencies that create emergencies. By relocating much of the work to the controlled safety conditions of a factory environment, we mitigate the serious safety risks inherent in an electrified substation.

  • Break dependencies that create liabilities. Factory-work eliminates the need for expensive, scarce specialty labor in the field (such as aluminum welders) and eliminates the impact of bad weather on your project.


Saving Time & Money
A Case Study of a Texas Utility’s Experience Utilizing a Customized Factory-Built Substation Approach for its Standard Outdoor Open-Air Distribution Substation

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Other Substations

Elevated Substations

DIS-TRAN elevates substation structures in-place to 13 feet above sea level.

Louisiana-based DIS-TRAN has designed the perfect solution to resist flooding from massively destructive "hundred year" tropical storms. Even better, elevation never interferes with power production.

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Your requests inspire us.

It's our customers who inspire our greatest innovations. Working with us, you'll quickly learn that at DIS-TRAN, the answer is never no. We always find a way. You can read about many of our innovations practices here. You can read about many of our innovations here.

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