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Skid-Mounted Substation

A Portable Power Substation to Give a Jumpstart on the Competition!

Skid-mounted substation assemblies ease transport and installation in circumstances where traditional substations are prohibitively difficult to construct: rough terrain, remote locations, and limited access. In some cases, mobile substations can help create modular installations that can be easily moved and updated. Altogether, a skillfully implemented skid-mounted substation generates powerful benefits for the right projects:

  • Reduce on-site construction infrastructure
  • Lower construction costs, eliminate on-site assembly and shorten installation times

DIS-TRAN's integrated substation fabrication capabilities mean we can design, fabricate and build a portable power substation to meet any specific performance or environmental requirements, including temperature extremes.

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Case In Point

One client wanted a way to work on their station during the permitting process. DIS-TRAN offered a solution: our skid-mounted equipment took work off-site and collapsed install time from 4 weeks to 4 days.

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