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Elevated Substations

Elevated Substations: A storm hardening solution

Raises our Substations Above the Rest

When coastal communities suffer MULTIPLE "hundred year" tropical storms within the span of just a few years, electric utilities must increase the resistive strength of their valuable equipment to the destructive forces of these storms. The ideal solution is deceptively simple: DIS-TRAN elevates substation structures in-place to 13 feet above sea level (5 feet above the highest flood point and 2 feet above FEMA and insurance recommendations). Elevated substations:

Elevated Substations: Storm Hardening Solution
  • Eliminate flood-induced damages.
  • Maintain continuous power production, even during construction.
  • Utilize existing assets to keep costs low.

DIS-TRAN Elevated Substations Aim High

Solid engineering and exacting execution deliver an economically viable method of hardening critical T&D; assets, even while maintaining continuous power production throughout project planning and execution. Utilities can rely on:

  • No change in power station performance
  • No change in operations/maintenance
  • No increase in construction safety risk
  • No excess of authorized budget
  • No delays pushing past scheduled completion
  • No service disruptions during elevation

Nor do electric utilities sacrifice their own power: An iterative design comment and review process, during which DIS-TRAN substation structure engineers engage closely with the utility's stakeholder's O&M; management and technicians, provides ample opportunities (1) to develop clear expected outcomes and (2) to ensure that the final system of interconnected elevated platforms account adequately for the space required to safely operate the equipment as if done at grade level. Routine O&M; operations on an elevated substation require no special tools, training or maintenance.

Elevated Substations: Storm Hardening Solution

Reach the height of your elevated substation's potential

Elevated substations better protect workers and keep your equipment high and dry, even in the case of devastating storms lapping against each other. DIS-TRAN's signature, rigorous project planning process decreases the customer's risk and uncertainty associated with managing very complex projects containing numerous critical path actions, which facilitates success on (or under) time and budget.

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The Risk of Storm Surge

Flooding from storm surge is the single most common and serious cause of hurricane-induced damage to electric power stations. Just ask those utilities driven into bankruptcy by the devastation wrought by just a single, terrible storm: Katrina. Even lesser storms can bring storm surges up to 10 feet in height.

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