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Core Products

DIS-TRAN Packaged Substation Products


  • The DIS-TRAN Traditional Package

    Our core scope of work includes the expert design and efficient supply of the substation steel structures and everything that attaches to them.

    Our traditional package (which can be flexibly expanded or collapsed to adapt to specific project requirements) combines physical product supply with matching design service to maximize speed and cost savings in project delivery.

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  • Factory-Built Substations

    Our signature line of factory-built substations powerfully compresses costs, schedules and risks.

    DIS-TRAN can assemble a complete, custom, closed- or open-air, high-voltage system in a controlled factory setting to meet any intended usage requirements or working environments. A DIS-TRAN factory-built substation dramatically increases project efficiency by eliminating uncontrollable factors like "bad weather days," minimizing on-site labor and streamlining management of vendors, labor, and procurement.

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  • Elevated Substations

    DIS-TRAN elevates substation structures in-place to 13 feet above sea level.

    With particular specialty in working with utilities in coastal communities, Louisiana-based DIS-TRAN has designed the perfect solution to resist flooding from massively destructive "hundred year" tropical storms. Even better, elevation never interferes with power production, and the end result means the elimination of flood-induced damages.

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  • Pre-Fab Bus Assemblies (DIS-TRAN PFB™)

    DIS-TRAN can pre-build high-voltage aluminum bus conductors whose final installation requires little-to-no field welding.

    By coupling cutting-edge, three-dimensional modeling techniques with efficient fabrication in a controlled factory setting, a pre-fabricated, factory-built bus assembly compresses schedules and construction completion times and significantly mitigates or eliminates project risks (like weather delays, welder safety, rising commodity costs), all with lower lifetime ownership costs and exceptional performance and ampacity ratings.

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    Jumpstart your portable power with our skid mounted eXpress POWER STATIONS

    DIS-TRAN can design, fabricate, and build a mobile or skid-mounted substation to meet any specific performance or environmental requirements, including temperature extremes. Eliminate on-site assembly and lower your construction costs with our innovative eXpress POWER STATIONS.

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In Their Words

"Instead of having our own crews jumping from one project to the next, we could have 2, 3 or 4 projects simultaneously."
Investor-Owned Utility


Our Business Value

Our service may be substations and T&D assets; but our business is value, and we deliver. We cut construction times by 33% for one customer, freed 50% of a customer's engineering hours for another, built and air lifted a bus assembly into Iraq in a mere 30 days for a third.

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Core Services

  • High-voltage substations & switchyards
  • Custom high-voltage transmission projects
  • Equipment & material packages
  • Warehousing & logistics
  • Expert project management
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Folded steel plate & standard AISC steel shapes
  • Broad range of equipment & material sourcing