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Our Process

The DIS-TRAN Process

Produces Reliable Results, Every Time


The DIS-TRAN team is committed to delivering your project done your way, right the first time. That customer-centric approach empowers us to:

  • Optimize the returns on your capital investment
  • Ensure quality that meets or exceeds high standards
  • Meet or under-run budget
  • Meet or beat schedules
  • Control project scope and creep
  • Minimize project and safety risk

Such outcomes require the well-honed, finely-tuned approach to project management that we've carefully crafted over 50 years: we've managed hundreds of millions of dollars in some 5,000 substation projects, ranging from 5kV to 500kV. And we've done it right, the first time.

DIS-TRAN Substation's Management Process & Customer Approach

    • Collaboration

      We take a cohesive team approach.

      DIS-TRAN engages your project by working as an extension of your own design, engineering and procurement staff. We take care to pair your people with an individual project manager (a single point of contact) whose management style and skills ensure the best fit.

      Internally, our project group works in perfect synchronicity, with our project manager well-supported by experienced technicians skilled in their specialties (engineering, design, drafting, procurement, expediting, warehousing, shipping, packaging, invoicing and more).

    • Communication

      Solid teamwork yields excellent communication and proactive problem prevention.

      Our customers want and expect us to regularly communicate with them about their project: to provide detailed but concise up-to-date information concerning the status of all products included in our scope of work. Because we maintain visibility into all critical path events that affect design and manufacturing, we are able to anticipate customer needs and avoid reacting to new requirements or project problems.

    • Risk Mitigation

      An ounce of preventive risk management is worth pounds of repair work.

      DIS-TRAN reduces risk right away by understanding what a project genuinely requires; that's the benefit of experience born from literally thousands of successful projects. Meanwhile, our rigorous project planning methodology promotes the completion of projects on time and on (or under) budget. This exacting planning process decreases both customer burden and the anxiety associated with managing complex projects containing numerous critical path actions.

    • Project Management, Perfected

      That's the power of an intensely detailed and rigorously enforced project methodology.

      Throughout production, the project manager oversees design, manufacturing, pre-assembly, staging and shipment. When your project arrives on site, you can be certain that you have everything you need to complete the installation on time and on budget, with a pre-engineered substation solution that integrates seamlessly into the balance of your project. With a project flow that is both so comprehensive and so exacting, you can be sure every possible project element - design and engineering, scheduling, bill of materials, cataloging, procurement, marshaling, expediting, etc. - is covered in depth.


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"With response time usually less than half an hour, we were very impressed. We'll be using DIS-TRAN for future jobs."
Large International EPC Contractor

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