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3D Tech Solutions

 The solution to getting your firm's 3D Substation Modeling Program "beyond pretty pictures" to "done right the first time."


We Provide You The Tools
To Create 3D Substation Models In Novel & Incredible Ways

DIS-TRAN takes traditional Inventor training a step further by incorporating industry-specific methodology. Users receive access to our vast electrical substation material content library, iLogic Apps, and customized form-driven, drawing templates. 

3D Tech Solutions model examples


DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations: Who We Are

DIS-TRAN has been an industry leader in the design and supply of high-voltage, open-air substations and switchyards since 1965. Since then, we have mastered the power of 3D substation modeling allowing us to engineer novel solutions to long-standing problems. Using the vast array of equipment and material content, coupled with hundreds of custom apps, programs, templates, and forms, our substation designers can complete designs more quickly, while reducing errors and increasing the speed of knowledge transferred throughout our organization.


Consulting & Additional Services Also Available

Allowing You To Custom Build Your Membership Experience & Benefits

  • Core Process & Procedures Policy Documents
  • Advanced Process & Procedures Policy Documents
  • Tech Support Line
  • Content Creation
  • Consultations
  • Configurations
  • On-Your-Site, Hands-On Training
  • On-Our-Site, Hands-On Training
  • Recruiting & Talent Assessment
  • Customized Vault & Inventor Implementation

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The Benefits of 3D Modeling in Substation Design & Construction

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." – Steve Jobs


Whether you are looking for a custom design or a more efficient way to build your standard station, DIS-TRAN can help you get your next project completed.

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Adding New Dimensions of Accuracy to Design

"We have a level of confidence with 3D modeling that tells us that when we build something in the virtual world, it's what it is going to be like in the real world." - Michael Bruce, DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations' Factory-Built Substation Design Analyst.


  • Interpret and analyze under real-world conditions
  • Perform finite element and motion analyses, as needed
  • Create exploded views with additional detail
  • Update with changes automatically by adjusting any measurement
  • Complete secondary calculations instantly


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